Since words can be confusing, this page provides definitions for all of the words/terms used throughout this site.

  • Alternating Current (AC) - Alternating current is the type of electrical power that is available in your house.  It's called alternating because the power actually has a cycle of reversing.

  • Audio - This refers to the sound file (either a song or voice-over) that we use to sequence the lights.  This is what you'll hear on your radio during the show.

  • Bulb

  • Controller

  • Coro - The word coro is a short name for corrugated plastic. Because coro is weather proof, non-conductive and easy takes holes it is frequently used in making lighting props.

  • Direct Current (DC) - Direct current is the type of power that you get from a battery.  It's called direct because the power is constant unlike AC power.

  • DMX - A protocol developed to control lighting fixtures.

  • E1.31 - A protocol that is a specific version of DMX that is communicated via Ethernet to enable communication with light controllers.

  • Element - A display element is another term for a prop.

  • Ethernet - A computer protocol use to connect multiple computers together so they can communicate.

  • LED - A light-emitting diode (LED) is a device that emits light when an electric current passes through it. 

  • Matrix - A matrix is a type of prop that is composed of evenly spaced holes in a grid format.  Matrices are often used for displaying words or images in a show.  A television is a very complex matrix.

  • Network

  • Pixel

  • Prop - A prop is a generic term for a structure used in a lighting show.  It can describe any object (a coro object, a wire ring or a matrix) onto which lights can be attached.

  • Screen - Many of our viewers use this term to identify a matrix.

  • Segment - We sue this term to generically refer to a component of our show.  Our intent is to differentiate between segments that are songs and those that may be introductions. 

  • Sequence - This term is used by the software applications as both a verb - we sequence the lights to an audio file - and a noun - a sequence is the outcome of sequencing and what will be used by the software to control the lights.

  • Song - We use this term to refer to a segment that is sequenced to a purchased audio/song file.

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