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Power Supplies (PSUs)

Unlike regular lights that you just plug into an A/C outlet to power them, you cannot light the pixels without power supply that converts the A/C power to DC power. 

There will likely be one in every controller box, or an external one with a connection to the controller.

Switching Power Supply

This type of PSU not only converts teh A/C to DC but is responsive to the amount of power required by the pixels as they are turned on/off and more or less power is required.

PSU Voltage

Depending on the power need of your pixels, you'll need a PSU with the matching voltage.  Typical voltages include 5 volt, 12 volt and 24 volt.

PSU Types

We use two types of PSUs as follows:

Internal PSUs

These are not resistent to water so they will need to be placed into an enclosure.  A common version is the Meanwell 350 watt PSU.  In additional to the PSU, you will typically need an A/C power cord to supply power to the PSU.

Rainproof PSUs

Holiday Coro sells a "rainproof" PSU that can be installed without an enclosure.  The PSU has to be installed in a vertical orientation so that water does not run into the vent fan.  We suggest providing some additional pretection from driving rain.


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