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We get feedback in multiple locations (e.g., Facebook, Tacky Light Tour, E-Mail) so we thought it might be fun to capture some of it and present it here on our site.  If this sparks you to shar your thoughts we'd love to hear from you via any of those previously mentioned methods or via the Contact Us page on this site.  I'll also share some of the great conversations that I have with viewers.

2023 December 22

I was blessed to receive the pictured card and image from two adorable little girls this evening.


We were blessed to have an article in the Macaroni Kid newsletter.  Read the article here.

2020 December 2

Karen Cohen - Publisher, Macaroni Kid Alpharetta-Roswell-Milton

"It is really a Christmas light show! Never seen anything like it! Pierce Lights in Alpharetta, Georgia has become part of our family's Christmas tradition along with the Alpharetta Christmas Tree Lighting, church services and watching Elf, Christmas Vacation, the Christmas Story, Small One and A Christmas Carol. We could park and watch the Christmas lights for hours. We have really never seen anything like it. It is so entertaining, so precise, so detailed, so educational and so fun. There is really something for all ages in this Christmas light show."

2019 December 12

Matt Burgess - Owner, Tacky Light Tour

As I was talking to folks who were waiting in line to see the show, a viewer shared with me that she and her family were on their way to see a "whole neighborhood of lights" and when they saw the line of cars, as they were driving by, they went on the internet to find out what was happening here.  They saw that it was a Christmas light show and decided to give it a look.  I told her it was just one house with nearly 50k lights and would love to hear what she thought after watching the show.  As they were leaving, they stopped the car and she told me "It was amazing, it's like a whole neighborhood in one yard and well worth the wait in line."  She shared that they would save the "neighborhood" for another night, they had satisfied their need for lights for the night.

2020 December 22

Stuart Pierce - Story from my encounter with a viewer.



Over the years we've encountered some folks who take the viewing of Christmas lights quite seriously and have created rating systems and awards.  We've been the fortunate recipient of some of these awards.  I want to use this section to honor the presenters of the awards and express our appreciation as a recipient.

2023 Bechard's Light Competition - 2nd Place

I was pleased to be directing traffic when the Bechard family came to visit.  We received another of their annual awards.  It appears that someone out there was better than us this year as we got 2nd place.  I guess we'll have to step up or game nest year.  We're always honored to receive a Bechard family award.  The image shows this year's certificate.


2022 Bechard's Light Competition - 1st Place

2022.12.24 - Once again I found the coveted Bechard 1st Place Award in our mailbox.

We were blessed by the love we receive from this family,  We are proud to be a part of the Christmas Tradition of so many families. 

The image shows this year's certificate.


2021 Bechard's Light Competition - 1st Place

2021.12.19 - We were blessed by a visit from the Bechard family tonight where we received another of their coveted first place awards for our 2021 Show.  We are amazingly blessed to be a part of the Christmas Tradition of so many families. 

The image shows this year's certificate.

2021 Bechard Award Certificate

2019 Christmas Light Competition - 1st Place

We received this award from the Bechard family (Brent, Lilli, Mimi, Papa, Savannah and Vickey).  This was the second year this family came to our show and gave us their top award. 


It's always a blessing to see the Bechard family for their annual visit.

2019 Bechard Award

2020 Christmas Light Competition - Ultimate 1st Place

We found this award in our mailbox.  I wish that I had been outside to greet the folks who presented it. I'm pretty certain that this was awarded by the Bechard family again.  


The photo shows the certificate and the trophy (an RGB color changing Christmas Tree).  We are honored to be the recipient of this award.

Bechard Award 2020
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