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Spade Connectors

We use these for the wires that will be connected to Power Supply Units (PSU).  It's possible to make these connections by wrapping the wires directly around the screws on the PSU, but we like tidier connections in our boxes. 

  Connection Process

  1. Strip the wire to expose just enough to be visible looking from the spade end.

  2. Using a crimp tool, crimp the connector to the wire. 

Connector Sizes/Colors

Most connectors are designed for a specific wire size.  To make it easy to identify the right connector, they use an industry standard color coding for wire size as follows:

  • Red - 22-18 Gauge Wire

  • Blue - 16-14 Gauge Wire

  • Yellow - 12-10 Gauge Wire


This section includes any attachments (e.g., images, diagrams) that we think will provide additional information.  Select the attachment to view a larger version and additional information.

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