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Our Christmas Show

The objective of this page is to share everything we can think of about our Christmas show.  In addition to the Song List (below) the following links provide access to additional information on related pages:

  • Photo Gallery - View a gallery of photos from past and present shows.

  • Historical Review - A look at the evolution of the show over time to see how things have grown and changed.

  • Technical Specifications - All the stuff to answer the techie questions (e.g., How many lights, channels, and controllers).

Song List

The table below lists all songs from past and present shows.  The following actions can be taken from the table:

  • Song/Segment Name - selecting the name will open a new tab and display a segment specific page for detailed information about the segment. Note: This feature will be coming soon.

  • Video Links - selecting the View link will open a new tab and take you to our YouTube channel (PierceLights) to allow you to view the selected video.

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