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The objective of this page is to share everything we know about doing a light show.  We don’t claim to know everything but we can certainly share what we’ve learned and maybe it will make it easier for others to do what we enjoy doing.


Since words can be confusing, this page provides definitions for all of the words/terms used throughout this site.


This is the place to look if you want to understand the different types of lights that we use in our show.  We’ll also explain the difference between LED and RGB.


This is where we'll discuss the different types of equipment that is used to control the lights.


Since our  approach to sequencing is a little different than what we see in other shows, we’ll describe our process here.


We make references to other sites on the pages of our site, this page provides a consolidated list of all the links.


We use software for sequencing the songs as well as scheduling and running the show.  This page describes the software applications we use to manage our show.


On this page we’ll show how we put everything together to create the show  Including yard layout and networks.


This page will describe the display elements (props) used in our show whether we built  them or bought them.

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