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Automotive Connectors

While pigtails are probably the most used connector type for lights, there are situations where an alternate solution is desired.  One scenario where we use them is for power injection.

I just happened to see these automotive connectors on an automotive supply site while I was looking for in-line fuse holders.  I checked Amazon and found more sizes at a better price, so I ordered a few to try out.  

Waterproof by Design

Since they are designed for automotive and marine use, they're automatically waterproofwhich means they are perfectly suited for our need.

Many Sizes

THey're available in many sizes, from 1-wire to 8-wire but we primarily use the 2-wire version.  We tried the 8-wire ones but found them to be a little unruly and switched to a pair of the 4-wire version.  They're also available pre-assembled (with about 8" wires) if you don't want to do the assembly.  

How to Use

Check out the attached information sheet for assembly instructions.  There are lots of great videos on the web as well.  Note: You'll need a good quality crimping tool to use these well.  We also add a piece of glue-lined shrink tube over the base of the connector and wires.  We feel like this gives a little added protection against pulling out the wires when disconnecting them.


This section includes any attachments (e.g., images, diagrams) that we think will provide additional information.  Select the attachment to view a larger version and additional information.

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