Our Charity

It seems that most light shows take donations for a charity and we've been getting asked about that a lot in recent years.  So, we've decided that this year we're going to provide that opportunity to our viewers.

For more information check out the First Foster Care & Adoption web site.

When we decided to support a charity with our lights we struggled a bit with who we might choose.  Then we looked at who we're already supporting personally that might appeal to a larger audience (aka., our viewers). 


While we haven't felt called to be foster parents, we have a heart for those that do.  That's why we've chosen the First Foster Care & Adoption ministry at First Baptist Church of Alpharetta (our church) to be our supported charity.

We have provide a secure mailbox for receiving your donations.  Cash and checks are happily accepted.  If you'd like a little more involvement in what it's used for, they also love to receive gift cards to places like Walmart, Kroger, and Publix.  The cards will be provided to the foster families to offset expenses.

If you plan to give a check, please make it out to First Baptist Church and put First Foster Care in the memo.  We promise it will get to the right place. 

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