Display Elements

I'm using the term "display elements" to describe the things in our show that have the lights (e.g. arches, trees, and snowflakes).  Some of our display elements are available for purchase and some are custom "Pierce creations".  The purpose of this page is to provide more detail on sim of our favorite display elements.

The display elements we'll discuss on this page include:


Matrices / Pixel Matrices

A matrix is a grid defined by a number of rows and a number of columns.  A pixel matrix is just exactly that, pixels arranged in a series of rows and columns.  The simplest matrix that most light shows might include would be a smaller matrix that might be used to scroll the TUNE TO information.  A more complex matrix might be for showing graphics and videos. 


Warning!  Your TV or Computer Monitor are matrices that show videos well.  But keep in mind that most of those today are probably a minimum of 1080p resolution - which translates to 1080 pixels per square inch.  To duplicate that resolution in a pixel matrix with 1" spacing, that 1080 inch (90 feet) matrix would be huge and you would still only have replicated an inch of your TV screen.  Don't let me scare you away, you can do some amazing things on pixel matrices that actually fit in your yard.   


Alternatives - There are other options called P5 & P10 panels.  These have terrific resolution and are available for very reasonable prices.  I haven't gone there yet so I'll leave discussion of them to the professionals.  A good place to find out more is at Wired Watts (check out our Links page to get their information).

We have several matrices in our show, check out the specific pages below:

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One year after Christmas we were shopping the clearance at a Walmart store and we came upon a pile of wire wreath frames.  They were irresistibly priced so we immediately started figuring out how to attach pixels to them.  We decided right away that they'd look great if we spun them and chased them. 


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The image at the left is the answer to the question, "What's a Really Big Bulb? "  This image represents an item that was sold by a number of different retailers in 2018 and 2019.  It's a really big plastic bulb in the shape of a traditional C9 Christmas light bulb.  Depending on where you bought them, they came in two formats; electrical with one incandescent C7 bulb inside, and battery powered with two LED bulbs inside.  We bought ours at Home Depot and, because we wanted to convert them to RGB pixels so we could control them, we bought only the white colored ones.

We'll be introducing RBBs in our 2020 Halloween show. 

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