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This page provides a consolidated list of all of the places we've referenced on our site.   We've categorized the sites as:

Places to find Lights

These are places where you might find other lights shows.

  • Alpharetta Moms - Find lights and other activities in the Alpharetta Georgia area.

  • Christmas Light Finder - Find lights anywhere in the world. 

  • Macaroni Kid - Find lights in the Alpharetta, Roswell and Milton Georgia area.

  • Tacky Light Tour - Find lights anywhere in the world.  We love this site because you can rate the show and vote for fun awards.

These are other folks who are doing lights in the area and have web sites.

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Places to Shop (Vendors)

These are places where we get the stuff we use to do our show.

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  • Boscoyo Studio (Preferred) - This is where we've purchased the majority of our coro display elements.

  • DIY LED Express (Preferred) - This is a great source for high quality pixels at a good price.

  • Gilbert Engineering USA - This is a great source for Coro display elements.

  • Holiday Coro (Preferred) - This is our #1 favorite source for most everything.  We highly recommend their customer service.

  • Light-O-Rama (Preferred) - Our #1 source for sequencing software and great AC controllers.

  • - They have a new DMX controlled AC light controller.

  • - Home of the Falcon pixel controllers.

  • Wired Watts - This is a great seller located locally in Alpharetta GA.

  • xLights - Great FREE tool for sequencing and running lights with a huge library of videos and other resources.


Places to Learn/Share

These are places where you can get more information about doing an animated light show. 

  • Holiday Coro (Preferred) - They have videos for almost every product they sell and and extensive knowledge base..

  • Light-O-Rama - Their user forum is a great place to get answers AND questions.

  • Wired Watts - They have some great information about types of pixels and connectors.

  • xLights - They have a huge library of videos and other resources including a user forum.

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Places to Learn/Share

These are places that we wanted to share that don't fit into one of the other categories. 

  • Chosen Foster Care - The foster care and adoption ministry of Alpharetta First Baptist Church.  Our chosen charity for donations.

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"Preferred" Seller/Vendors - Refer to our How Do we Select a Seller/Vendor information to understand more.

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