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Good News | Three Circles

The three circles diagram is a way of sharing the good news.  The diagram is provided with numeric reference so that you can reference the textual explanation below.

1. God's Plan

The plan of the God who created everything that exists was for us to have a relationship with Him through which He would provide for our every need in every area of our lives.

2. Disobedience (Sin)

When we go against God’s plan by looking to have our needs by a means other than Him and His plan we are disobedient. A consequence of disobedience is a debt that can only be paid by death.


3. Brokenness

Another consequence of disobedience is Brokenness.  We experience two types of brokenness: first, brokenness as a consequence of our personal disobedience and second, brokenness as a result of living in a broken world.  We all feel the brokenness and the world offers us many ways to try to fix it; through relationships, through possessions, and through addictions to drugs, alcohol, and even food. The problem is that the world's ways don’t work and make us slaves to our desires. 

4. The Gospel

God provided ONE way. The word gospel means "Good News" and the good news is that God knew from the beginning that we would need a solution for our debt ($) and brokenness. Jesus is the good news.

  • Through Jesus' death on the cross our debt ($) was paid.  Payment for every sin; past, present and future was placed on our account restoring our relationship with God.

  • Through Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, DEATH was defeated.  Though our earthly bodies may perish, we have a guarantee that we will live forever in God's presence.

5. Repent and Trust

God's plan for redemption is about "What He's Done" and not about "What I must do."  

Our part in receiving the benefit of God’s solution is to:

  • Repent - We have to recognize our disobedience and have a desire to change.

  • Trust - We have to trust that Jesus’ death & resurrection was sufficient to cover our debt and restore a relationship with God. 

6. Live and Walk

As redeemed believers, we can:

  • Live - While we were in our sin we were spiritually dead.  As believers, God's Spirit has given us new life as His adopted children.

  • Walk - Because we still live in a broken world, our new life is like a walk because it's about choosing to acknowledge God's presence with every step we take.  The great part is that we never have to take another step apart from the One who promised to meet our every need. 


Through a relationship with us God will recover what was lost and restore us to His original Design.

7. Share

As we grow in our faith, it's our privilege to share the good news with others.

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