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Good News | The Situation

Imagine this, you were created by an all-knowing, all-powerful God because He wants to love you and be loved by you.  He created you as a unique individual with specific talents and abilities. He has a plan and a purpose for your life.   His plan includes providing everything you need to be who you were created to be and to bring recognition to His name. Because He wants you to love Him freely, He gives you the choice (free will) of loving Him or not.

You might be thinking, "That seems awfully controlling; His plan, His purpose, and recognition for Him."  Well, that's because your thoughts are influenced by the fact that you were born spiritually dead and separated from God.  But wait, it's not your fault that you were born that way.  The original man and woman listened to a lie that suggested they were "second class" creatures and that God was deceiving them.  They took the bait and disobeyed God.  As a result of that sin entered the world and mankind became spiritually dead, separated from God and indebted to sin and a slave to your sinful nature.

The bad news is that there is absolutely nothing you can do to fix the problem.  The good news is that God knew this would happen, so He put in place a plan to redeem you. Through the death and resurrection of His son Jesus, your sin debt has been paid and you can be reconciled to God.

The problem is that your sinful nature doesn't want to accept the "nothing you can do" part of the solution, so you look for other ways.

Worldly Solutions

The world would have you believe that there are a lot of solutions to the problem, here are a few examples: 

  • You could try to live a really good life and hope that God will overlook that original sin debt and accept you back into relationship.  There are many religions that embrace this option.

  • You could decide that God doesn't exist (atheism) and therefore you are not in trouble and just live your life.  The athiests I've know are still trying to live a good life just because it makes sense to them that they should do that.

  • You could declare yourself god (new age) and see how well you meet your own needs.

  • You could decide not to decide (agnosticism) and try to live a good life hoping for a favorable result.

  • You could decide to pick your own God(s) so that you can gain their approval.  They may be worldly things like power and prestige. The problem with this option, how do you know when you have enough of your god.

The problem with those options is that "a good life" is hard to define.  What is the standard for knowing if you're getting it right? Some religions give you a strict set of rules to follow to make it "easy".  Morality might sound like a good start but have you noticed that the morality rules seem to have changed a lot over the years.  The rules seem to change based on what the majority wants the truth to be. These days we even have variable truth, what's true for me doesn't have to be true for you.  How confusing is that?  A moving standard is no standard at all.  Fortunately, God has given us a perfect standard that will be the unchanging truth forever, the Bible. 

An important point before we continue: did you know that you are an eternal being?  That's right, God created you to exist forever. This leaves us with two options: Spending eternity with Him in Heaven or spending eternity separated from Him in a real place of torment called Hell.  So, if you were thinking that you'll just live this life and die and it won't matter, you need to realize that the decision is an eternal one.

God's  Solution

The plan for redemption is simple:

  1. You must acknowledge that there is a God who created you and loves you.

  2. You must accept that there really is nothing you can do to redeem yourself.

  3. You must believe that Jesus did what was needed to cover your sin debt (past, present and future)

Even if you have rejected God, you need to realize that He still loves you unconditionally and is waiting for you to turn back to Him.  There is nothing you could do to prevent His welcoming you back.

If you accept God's solution, you can know that you are a restored child of God with all the associated benefits. God's Holy Spirit will come to live inside of you to help you fulfill the original plan for your life.  Though you still live in this world, you are no longer a slave to the sinful nature, you can (with His provision) live a life that brings recognition to your Father in Heaven.

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