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Coro Trees

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These trees were our second custom creation.  We've considered replacing them with an RGB equivalent but we look at them in our show every year and always conclude that they still hold their own amidst all of the high-tech display elements.   We'll keep replacing the lights as they fail and look forward to having the trees in our show for years to come.

Element Details

Coro Trees in our 2020 Show

How We Designed/Constructed Them

The trees are cut from a 24w x 36h piece of green coro.  We designed the holes for regular LED mini lights.   The star, created out of white coro, is a three dimensional star shaped box.

How We Light Them

Each tree has six colors of lights; Red, Cool White, Blue, Green and Multi.  The red and white are alternated around the outside of the tree shape.  The other colors are organized in horizontal rows within the body of the tree (as shown in the diagram).

The star was originally designed for a single C7 bulb but we changed it in 2020 to be an RGB pixel (a square node with 3 pixels) to enable us to change the color of the star to match the other colors in the segment.

Coro Tree Design & Lighting Diagram

How We Display Them

We mount the assembled tree to a T-Pole using three 1/4 inch machine screws through the tree, a PVC spacer (this allows for the thickness of all of the light wires) and then the pole.  The posts are spaced 36 inches apart and leveled before the trees are attached.

How We Control Them

Because the lights are A/C, we use two Light-O-Rama 16 channel controllers.  At five colors per tree (5 channels) times five trees, that means we need 25 channels to control the trees.  We use 12 channels on one controller and 13 on the other to balance out the network traffic.  Not to worry, the other channels get used for other display elements.

Since the stars are now RGB, we use a single output on a nearby DMX controller to handle those.

A view from the Back
A view from the Front

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