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This page is all about the Baby Shark segment.


A version of the Baby Shark segment is included in BOTH the Christmas and Halloween shows.


2020 Halloween and then Christmas


This segment is a collaborative effort.  I did the work on the matrices and Julie handled everything else.


##:## - We only did the first verse because we didn't want to be guilty of making any heads explode.


This segment uses Blue (representing water) as a foundation color with a specific color for each shark (Baby=Orange, Mommy=Pink, Daddy=Green-Blue, Grandma=Mauve, and Grandpa=Green).  As each of the sharks appears on the large matrix, that shark's color is used throughout the yard as an accent.


Julie uses a representation of a "chomping" motion on many props in this segment.

Things to Observe:

Here are some fun things to watch for during this segment:

  • During the opening scene, watch for the shark fin on the lights in the grass down by the curb and for the red crab crossing the screen on the large matrix

  • On the matrices to the right and left sides of the garage:

    • Watch for the octopus as he rises from the bottom left, goes across the icicles and then back down the right side.  He's wearing a Santa hat in the Christmas show.

    • On the right side at the bottom, there's a blue crab who wanders in and then out.  We gave him a candy cane to hold in the Christmas show.

  • Another difference between the Halloween and Christmas versions is how the segment ends:

    • The Halloween version ends with a blue crab and a though bubble that says "Bye"

    • The Christmas version ends with a red crab and the message "Merry Christmas"

2020 Photos

Baby Shark Swallow
It's the end!
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