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How the Grinch Stole Christmas

This is a traditional favorite for both Julie and I so we just had to include it in our show.  We actually have three segments from the original TV show.

Segment Information

Show: Christmas

Introduced: 2014

Author: This one is 95% Stuart and 5% Julie (she did some sequencing on Welcome Christmas).

Duration: #.## - We limited verses and grabbed short segments from the full TV show.

Source: Christmas TV Special - "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"

Segment 1 | You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch


This one started out all green.  When I added the Grinch to the monster matrix, his Santa suite prompted me to add red as an accent color.  I've included some image sheets in the images section below.

Things to Watch

Watch the Grinch's teeth sparkle when the song says "termites in your teeth."

Kids love to see the Grinch and the seasick crocodile.  I often get told that he doesn't look seasick. No one has told me how to make him look sick so we'll keep him looking well.  P.S. Don't tell anyone that he's actually an alligator.

Segment 2 | Three Sizes


This one was always green with red accents (for the Heart).  I really loved doing the X-Ray on the house matrix showing the heart growing three sizes.

Segment 3 | Welcome Christmas


This one is Red, Cool White and Green.

House Matrix

We originally created the house matrix (our first matrix) just so that I could show the lyrics to the song.  Viewers tell me every year how excited they are to finally understand the words to the song.  This segment is fairly long so I consider every year whether I remove it from the show.  Feedback always 

Monster Matrix

The monster matrix is not used in this segment because I just cannot figure out what to put there.  I really want to put the folks of Whoville dancing around their Christmas tree but I just haven't succeeded in creating an image with enough detail (with the 42 high x 84 wide restriction).  I'm still working on it. 


This section provides photos from past versions of this segment in the show.


This section includes images that were either used in the segment or are provided to explain something about how we designed the segment.  Select an image to view a larger version and additional information.

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