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The pixel trees are a key element in our Christmas show.  They were the first of many elements we've purchased from Boscoyo Studios.

They've been in our show since 2018 as you see them in the photo.  We made a decision while watching the 2020 show that we think they would look better if the stars were black instead of white.  Boscoyo doesn't show them on their site in black so we'll ask if they're available as a custom order.  If they're not available we'll DIY it with a can of black spray paint.

Tree Specifications

Manufacturer: Boscoyo Studios

Material: Coroplast - Black

Power Type: DC 5 Volt

Light Type: Light-O-Rama Cosmic Color Pixels

Light Quantity: 50 per Tree

Introduced: 2018

Star Specifications

Manufacturer: Boscoyo Studios

Material: Coroplast - White

Power Type: DC 12 Volt

Light Type: DMX Pixels - Bullet

Light Quantity: 20 per Star

Introduced: 2018

How They're Supplied

The trees are supplied by Boscoyo as flat pieces of coroplast.  A tree and a star are provided.  We use the 180 degree trees but they are also available in a 360 degree format.

How We Light Them

We use Light-O-Rama Cosmic Color Pixels (CCPs) for our trees.  The CCPs consist of a self contained controller and two sets of 50 pixels.  We use one CCP per two pixel trees as shown in the image.  Note: The Stars are lit separately using 12 volt Bullet pixels operated from a DMX controller.

How We Display Them

We mount the assembled tree to a T-Pole using two two #6 machine screws through the back of the tree and through the pole.  We install the posts so they are level and equally spaced and then attach the trees to the post keeping it off the ground and secure (even from hurricane force winds).  Note: We like the look of a little separation between the trees and the stars so we attach the stars to the post separately from the tree.


This section includes extra stuff in the way of photos and diagrams that have been included to provide additional information about this display element. Select an item to view a larger version and additional information.

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Pixel Trees

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