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Strip Trees

What we call a "strip tree" is a PierceLights creation that started as a Cone Tree.  The information below will describe how we took perfectly good cone trees and gave them a new identity.

Element Details

How We Constructed Them

We purchased a set of three trees (4ft, 5ft and 6ft) from Fry's Electronics for $99.00.  The came with multi colored LED lights which we removed.

We applied an appropriate number of pixels, based on the tree height, to pixel strips.  We then attached the strips to the trees.  Each tree has 6 strips.  We also added pixels to the stars that came with the tree. 

It's important to note that we attach the pixels flat on the strip (not with bullet inserted through the holes) so that the strips will lay flat against the wire cone tree.   Four of the strips are attached with pixels facing outward and two strips (on the back of the tree) are placed with pixels facing the inside of the tree.  This ensure that all pixels face the audience viewing from the front of the tree (180 degrees).

Strip Tree with white background
Strip Tree in the Yard

How We Light Them

We used bullet pixels because they attached to the pixel strips in the way we wanted.


Power and data start at the first pixel of the first strip.  Power only injection points are included between strips 2 & 3 and 5 & 6 and between strip 6 and the star.

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