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Wizards in Winter

This song was very popular a few years back and every synchronized show had a version.  I'm not one to join the crowd so I waited until it fell out of favor  before adding it to our show.


I chose red, white and green as the colors of this segment.


This song starts out fast and gets faster and I'll describe how we addressed that motion by describing the specific display elements.

Borrowed Sequencing

Some folks make their sequences available on the web for others to use.  Some charge and some just request an acknowledgement.  One such site is and they had a version of this song that we liked.  We used some of their sequencing for chasing trees and arches.    We included a thank you in our videos for their contribution.  I'll describe what and how we used their sequencing below.

Pixel Trees

The Wilton Lights show had nine (9) chasing trees that we really liked.  Their trees were not RGB but I was able to use the essence of their sequencing on our ten (10) pixel trees.  Their trees were white but I was able to alter the colors in our implementation.  If you watch close, the middle two trees always do the exact same thing.  This is how I handled the switch from their nine trees to our ten.  I also mirrored the Pixel Trees on the yard grid. 


The rings are actually doing the exact same motion as the pixel trees in duplicate.  The same motion is simultaneously chasing from the left to right in one color and from right to left in a different color.

Arches and Wreaths

We used the Wilton Lights arch motion on our arches and on the wreaths in the windows.  Take a moment to watch both and see if you can tell that they are doing teh same motrion.


Because this song doesn't have any words, it doesn't lend itself to images or lyrics on the matrizes.  I had to practice a little creativeity on each of the matrix types as follows:

House Matrix

The XLights program has a tool that lets you represent the music wave form as a VU meter.  It turns out that it was perfect for this song and I decided to use it on the house matrix.  I actually used it three times (once for each theme color) offset to show a tripple waveform.  I've gotten a lot of positive viewer feedback on how it looks.  I overheard one viewer say "It looks like a monster mouth in the middle of the house."  I assumed that was a positive things since he was smiling when he said it.

Monster Matrix

With all the motion in the segment, I decided a more static image would be great for the monster matrix.  I had recently been playing with images for gifts with differenty patterns and colors.  I retrofitted them to be only red, white and green and stacked them to fill the matrix space.  I left some space at the bottom so I could show messages during the segment.  The messages included "Merry Christmas" and "Tune To FM 89.7."

Garage Matrices

I was playing with some images of candy canes but didn't have a segment in mind for them.  I realized I needed something for this segment on the garage matrices, so I went with the candy canes.  The canes were too short so I decided to put them on top of a big gift box. Then I decided a smaller box would also be cute.  Before I knew it the little boxes were being drawn up and down on a string. There's so much movement in thsi segment that people don't usually noticy this movement.  But, when they do, they point it out to everyone else in their car.


This section provides photos from past versions of this segment in the show.


This section includes images that were either used in the segment or are provided to explain something about how we designed the segment.  Select an image to view a larger version and additional information.

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