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God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

I love this extract from TSO's Christmas in Sarajevo.  Because of the colors, a lot of viewers tell me they think this is going to be a Hannukah song until they see the "Jesus is the Reason for the Season" message scroll up on the monster matrix.

Segment Information

Show: Christmas

Introduced: 2014

Author: This segment is 100% Stuart

Duration: # Minutes

Song: Christmas Eve in Sarajevo (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen portion)

Atrist: Trans Siberian Orchestra


The song was originally done completely in Blue and Cool White. By exception the Bethlem Star and the deer add a punch of warm white to the segment.  After a few years I added the "Jesus is the Reason ..." message in a light blue.  I received a lot of comments about how folks liked the light blue so when I added the snowflakes to the matrices (a few years later) I used two blues and cool white on them.  In 2019 and 2020 more elements received the light blue color.

Interesting Things to Observe

Here are a few things that might be fun to watch in this seegment:

The Monster Matrix

Because I wanted to scroll the "Jesus is the Reason ..." message up one line at a time, but end with the entire message showing, I chose to use five separate images ("Matrix | Jesus Is ..." in the images section below).  I scrolled each of the images up to a certain point and then made them static to show the entire message.

The Garage and House Matrices

I used 16x50 images of snowflakes for both the garage matrices (16w x50h Vertical) and the house matrix (50w x 16h Horizontal).  Watching the show you may notice that the snowflakes on the house appear much larger, that is because the garage matrices have 1.125 in spacing and the house matrix has 2 inch spacing.  


This section provides photos from past versions of this segment in the show.


This section includes images that were either used in the segment or are provided to explain something about how we designed the segment.  Select an image to view a larger version and additional information.

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