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Little Drummer Boy

Its hard to believe this song is acapella because the percussion is so amazing.  It was that beat that made me want to include it in our show.

Segment Facts

Show: Christmas

Introduced: 2016

Author: This one is 100% Stuart

Song: Little Drummer Boy

Artist: Pentatonix - PTX Christmas


This song starts out red, adds blue and then green.  The colors reverse and end up with just red as the segment ends.


I always wanted to do a segment where the lights moved across the yard to the music.  Acapella means no music, but the beat gave me just what I needed for the movement.  The segment starts with darkness broken by red at the street that matches a "whoosh" in the song.  The the red progresses bulb by bulb up the driveway, across the yard and then back across the house till it's all lit in red.  At the same time other elements come up in red and blue at times that match the lyrics of the song.  About half way through the segment green gets added as an accent color.  At the end of the segment the lights fade down until nothing is left but the candles in the windows. 


I've tried to come up with a drummer boy image but have not been successful yet.  So, for lack of images for this segment here is how we're using the matrices: 

  • Garage Matrices - We're mirroring the Diamonds on these.

  • House Matrix - This one displays Radio Station information and "Merry Christmas"

  • Monster Matrix - I added lyrics to the matrix in 2019.


This section provides photos from past versions of this segment in the show.


This section includes images that were either used in the segment or are provided to explain something about how we designed the segment.  Select an image to view a larger version and additional information.

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