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Baby Shark

My neice has been pestering me for a couple of years to do this song.  We were looking for a new segment for the 2020 Halloween show and I just happened to come across this song and decided why not go for it.  It got so much positive feedback we decided to morph it into a Christmas segment as well.

Segment Facts

Show: Both Christmas and Halloween

Introduced: 2020

Author: This segment is a collaborative effort.  I did the work on the matrices and Julie handled everything else.

Duration: ##:## - We only did the first verse because we didn't want to be guilty of making any heads explode.


We decided to represent an undersea environment so we used Blue as a foundation color and a specific color for each shark:

  • Baby Shark - Orange

  • Mommy - Pink

  • Daddy - Green-Blue

  • Grandma - Mauve

  • Grandpa - Green

As each of the sharks appears on the monster matrix, that shark's color is used throughout the yard as an accent.


A representation of a "chomping" motion has been used on various display elements across the yard.


Using the shark specific color, I put the song lyrics on the house matrix. For teh monster matrix and garage matrices, I had fun extending the idea of the undersea environment.

Monster Matrix

The focus on this matrix is the sharks. 

In the openening portion, with the Jaws music, I had fun with the shark fin above the water line, the fish running from the shark and finally baby chomping the viewers. 

For the shark verses, I tried to simulate a swimming motion for the shark by the waving of the tail and seaweed appearing and shrinking as the shark swims toward us.  I included colorful fish and a crab in the background as well.

In the closing part of the song, Mommy, Daddy and Baby shark gather to tell us "It's the End" and then there's one more character to watch for in the final seconds.

Garage Matrices & Icicles

I continued the undersea environment on the garge matrices and the icicles with more seaweed, schools of colorful fish, an octopus and a crab.  Watch for the octopus as he rises from the bottom left, goes across the icicles and then back down the right side. 

Christmas Specifics

These are some items sepcific to the Christmas version:

 + In the Christmas show each of the sharks have festive holiday headwear as follows:

  • Baby Shark - Red Santa Hat

  • Mommy - Star Headband

  • Daddy - Antlers with Jingle Bells

  • Grandma - Festive Hat

  • Grandpa - Green Santa Hat

+ At the end of the segment there is a red crab and the message "Merry Christmas"

+ On the right garage matrix, at the bottom, there's a blue crab with a candy cane who wanders in and then out.

+ The Octopus has a Santa hat.

Halloween Specifics

These are some items sepcific to the Halloween version:

+ No headwear on the sharks

+ At the end of the segment there is a blue crab and a though bubble that says "Bye"

+ On the right garage matrix, at the bottom, there's a blue crab (no candy cane) who wanders in and then out.

+ No hat on the octopus.


This section provides photos from past versions of this segment in the show.


This section includes images that were either used in the segment or are provided to explain something about how we designed the segment.  Select an image to view a larger version and additional information.

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