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What is a PPD GeoWreath?

Is it a wreath, a spinner, or a flower?  We're not sure but when we saw the 600 pixel count and all the amazing things that could be done with this prop we just had to have a couple of them.


Manufacturer: Boscoyo Studios

Material: Coro

Power: 12 Volt

Light Type: Bullet Pixel

Light Quantity: 600 Pixels

Introduced: 2023

The "PPD" in the name of this prop stands for PixelPro Displays.  They designed the Geo Wreath in partnership with Boscoyo.

We actually had these ready to go (pixels inserted) prior to the 2022 show but didn't have time to get them into any of the songs, so they lived in our dining room for a year.  

We're pleased to add them to our 2023 show.


This section includes extra stuff in the way of photos and diagrams that have been included to provide additional information about this display element. Select an item to view a larger version and additional information.

PPD GeoWreath

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