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We have two of these and call them our "Garage Matrices" because they are positioned on either side of the garage.  We had already constructed our "House" matrix and our "Monster" matrix so we hade xperienced two other solutions and wanted something much simpler for our next venture.  

I was watching a daytime walk through video done by the owner of Soddy Daisy Christmas Lights and he showed a matrix that he had created using the plastic mesh.  I showed the video to Julie and we headed to The Home Depot that weekend in search of the mesh.  We had a square node pixel in hand ready to test the fit.  We started in the garden center and, after finding a helpful young man who got the full story, suggested we look in the fencing department.  He escorted us there and was almost as excited as we were when the pixel fit perfectly.  We bought a roll and headed happily toward home.

Since we Pierces like to overengineer everything, I immediately started designing a solution to support the mesh as it became a matrix.  Learning from our previous matrix experiences, we settled on our final solution pretty quickly.  That decided, we headed to the store in search of lumber and corner braces.  We found straighter 2x2's at Lowe's and luckily they had some corner braces as well.  We were now prepared to construct.

Because we were too eager to see our dream realized, we constructed both matrices prior to painting them.  Julie took on the challenge of painting the assembled matrices and made me promise we'd paint before assembly if we do it again.  BTW, we plan on doing it again to create a replacement for the "House" matrix using the same concept as this one, only bigger (of course).

Matrix Specifications

Manufacturer: A PierceLights Custom Creation

Material: Wood & Plastic Mesh

Power Type: 12 Volt

Light Type: Pixel - Square Node

Light Quantity: 800 Pixels

Introduced: 2018 Halloween

How to Replicate Our Matrix

I've included the following Construction Sheets in the Attachments section below.

+ Construction Sheet 1 | Materials & Preparation

     This sheet provides the following:

  • A daytime image of our matrix - So you can decide if you like what we created.

  • A Materials List - Everything you'll need to replicate our matrix.

  • Preparation Steps - All the steps to prepare the parts befoer starting Assembly.

  • Sample Photo of the Mesh - Not the exact stuff we used, but good enought to give you the idea.

  • Sample Photo of a Corner Brace - Just a sample of one you might use.

+ Construction Sheet 2 | Matrix Assembly

     This sheet provides a step-by-step process for assembling the matrix using the parts described in the first sheet.

+ Construction Sheet 3 | Pixel Application

     This sheet provides the following:

  • Pixel Selection - An image of the pixels we chose and an explanation of why we chose them

  • Installation Logic - As eight sections of 100 pixels

  • Power/Data Logic - Explanation of how we wired our pixels.

Need Assistance

If you decide you like what we've done but need some additional information, we'd love to provide assistance.  Contact us through the informatin on our Contact Us page.

Let Us Know

If we inspire you to make one of your own, even if you make some changes, please let us know about your creation.  We'd love photos as well.


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Matrix (16 wide x 50 high)

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