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Welcome to, we're glad that you found us. Our site should answer any questions you have about our animated light show.  If you don't find what you're looking for, please use the Contact Us page and let us know how we can help.

Our show is a "single house park and watch" type of show.  Plan to park in designated spaces, tune your radio to our station (FM 89.7) and watch the lights.  Our full show runs about 35 minutes but we'll shorten it to two shorter shows as traffic picks up.


WARNING!  It is important that your radio be able to pick up live radio signals or you will not be able to hear the music as you watch the lights.

Show Schedule.

To be courteous to our neighbors, who have to put up with the traffic every year, we're using a little different schedule this year.   

The calendar shows the schedule of show dates and the corresponding show times.  As the traffic picks up we will add information about which partial show can be seen on on each day.

Show Schedule.GIF

We Would Love Your Feedback

We would love to hear about your experience at our show.  You can use our Comments page to tell us what you're thinking.

How Many Lights?

When I'm out talking to viewers I often get asked questions about the technical specification of our show like "How many lights?" or "How many controllers?" and I usually have to say "Gee I haven't calculated those yet".  So that I don't have to give that answer again this year, I've calculated the values for our 2023 show as of 11/25.

The total number of Lights is 56,511.  

The total number of controllers used to run the show is 23.

For more details about those numbers, check out  the Technical Specifications page for our Christmas Show.

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