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Welcome to, we're glad that you found us. 

The 2023 Show has ended but we've already begun plans for a bigger and better 2024 shows.

While the primary reason for our site during the show months (October - December) was to tell you how to find us, we think there are still a lot of reasons to visit in the non-show months.  Here are a few reasons:

  • Answers to Questions about Our Show - We have lots of information about our show, like photos and videos from our past shows.  You can find these on our FAQ, Christmas Show and Halloween Show pages.  Note: 2023 videos are being prepared and will be available soon.

  • Links for Veterans - In line with our 2023 charity - Wounded Warrior Project - we have included some links to helpful information for veterans.  You can find these on Our Charity page.

  • Light Show "How-To" Information - If you want to consider doing a show, or are just curious about how we do it, check out the information on our How-To page.

  • More about the Christmas Message - In our show we share the message of Christmas - Jesus Birth.  Our Good News page provides more information about how we can have a restored relationship with our Heavenly Father.


If you don't find what you seek, please use our Contact Us page to connect with us.

We Would Love Your Feedback

We would love to hear about your experience at our show or with our site.  You can use our Comments page to tell us what you're thinking.

How Many Lights?

When I'm out talking to viewers I often get asked questions about the technical specification of our show like "How many lights?" or "How many controllers?" and I usually have to say "Gee I haven't calculated those yet".  The following information reflects the numbers at the close of the 2023 Christmas show.

The total number of Lights is 56,511.  

The total number of controllers used to run the show is 23.

For more details about those numbers, check out  the Technical Specifications page for our Christmas Show.

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