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Show Status

NOT RUNNING - The show is NOT running tonight - Monday 12/5 due to pouring rain.

FREEZE - The computer that runs the show occasionally decides to freeze (about 3 times per year).  If we're not outside we won't know about the freeze.  If you're watching the show and nothing is happening (and no music)  please call me so I can investigate (678) 457-8873. 

Show Schedule

The Christmas show will run nightly as follows:

Sunday through Thursday - from dark until 10:00 PM

Friday and Saturday - from dark until 11:00 PM


Image from our 2021 Christmas show.

Show Content

The show currently includes all 14 of our segments (songs and messages) and takes a little over 30 minutes. to watch.

As the number of visitors increases we will break the show into two shorter shows (12-15 minutes) to be scheduled for specific nights.  We'll update this section when things change.  12/3/22 - We had one car actually have to wait 2 minutes tonight.  Show will continue to run FULL until traffic picks up.

What about Weather? 

We do our best to minimize the impact of rain, but there's always a chance that a huge storm could shut us down.  Keep in mind that while a light rain could add an interesting element to the show, viewing through windshield wipers isn't the greatest experience. 

Comments / Visitors

This section will include things like a shout out to the families that I meet while I'm out chatting with our visitors.

  • 12/3/22 - I hade a great time chatting with folks who visited this evening. I really appreciate the time to chat with viewers but I appreciate it if you tell me to go away so you can watch the show.  Here are some of the folks I met tonight:  Nicki (she said she needed a boost tonight and our lights were exactly what she needed), and the Birozes and the Gillespie families. The show ended while I was engaged in a very  long conversation with Amanda and Chad Rodriguez (Chad, I'll forgive you for choosing Star Wars over Star Trek because you said you loved my lights).   I was blessed to meet a lot of first-timers and quite a few repeat visitors.

  • 11/26/22 - At 9:30 PM I happened to look out and observe that the show was frozen.  If you came around this time and encountered the freeze we apologize for the inconvenience.

  • 11/24/22 - I just finished chatting with the first two viewers of our 2022 Christmas show.  The Moon Family and the Barker Family.  The Moon kids were the first to make a charitable donation in 2022.  Thanks kids.

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