If you love to look at Christmas lights and listen to Christmas music, then we're just what you're looking for because we've got both.  Our 2020 Christmas show featured 50,207 lights synchronized to music.  

Thank you to everyone who attended our 2020 shows. 


About Our Site

The purpose of PierceLights.com is to be a source of information about how we do our show.  While there are a lot of sites that share this type of information, we want to be one more voice in the mix.  What we share is our perspective from what we’ve learned over the years of doing our show.  The majority of this information can be accessed via the How-To tab on the menu bar above.

Here’s some stuff we think is worth checking out:

  • Previous Show Videos – Check out the segment lists on the Christmas Show and Halloween Show tabs to watch videos from past shows.  You can also choose the segment name and see facts about each sequence.  If you’ve seen the show, you may want to look here to see if you spotted all the fun details.

  • How-To Information – The How-To tab will provide access to all kinds of great information that might be helpful if you are thinking about doing a show of your own like:

    • Glossary – A definition of terms with detail pages for many of the terms.

    • Display Elements – A description of the elements you saw in our yard.

Show Season

During show season - Halloween (October) through Christmas (December into early January) - our focus will be on things like telling you about our shows; including show times and directions to our home so you can see the show.

2021 Show Dates

If you're already thinking about our 2021 shows, here's a heads-up on the show dates so you can mark your calendar.

  • Halloween - October 24 (Target Debut) thru November 5

  • Christmas - Thanksgiving November 25 thru January 5 2022

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